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Once Upon a Time…
The Power and Wisdom of Stories & Storytelling

Join us for an autumnal gathering, sharing and exploring the magic of stories and storytelling and how they can enrich us.


What makes a good story?  How is it that some stories can touch us deeply and transport us to another world?  What can we learn from the myths and tales of the past? 


Certain stories have an undeniable power: a power to engage, connect people and pass on ancient wisdom. Likewise, certain storytellers have the ability to make something come alive for their listeners.  


We’ll share our impressions of how stories can connect us to a deeper part of ourselves and each other.


The event is free and will be held on Zoom on Tuesday 29th November at 7pm (GMT). Please register in advance on Meetup using the link below:


So please join us and bring along a hot chocolate or glass of wine and a cosy blanket perhaps, for our special story hour! Please also bring a pen and paper.


'The power of storytelling is exactly this: to bridge the gaps where everything else has crumbled.'
Paulo Coelho

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