We meet once a week to cultivate a small piece of land.

Working in a practical way, despite people's individual difficulties, gives us opportunities to share moments of being together. The demand is for an attention which includes self, the tool with which one works, the flora and fauna and other people.

Being in Nature; fresh air; contact with the Earth; experiencing the Seasons with all the senses; aware of the three foods which sustain us.

The land has its own rhythm which demands practical thinking and necessary effort from sowing to harvest. Such work gives scope for:

  • garden design
  • small building works
  • the study of organic methods (including Permaculture and Forest Gardening)
  • the properties of plants (including medicinal and culinary herbs, plants for natural dyes, heritage seeds)

For a few hours each week we are closer to Nature and more in touch with ourselves.

We come and go.

Nature always is.