"I was standing beside a great acupuncture master observing the movement of his hands on a patient's back. I was very relaxed. I could feel his soft warm tender hands. I could feel I myself was stroking the patient's back with him. It was silent. The master suddenly told me I should insert needles into his back. We swapped places; I in turn stroked the patient's back this time. To my surprise I easily sensed where to insert the needles. My hands told me where the acupuncture points were.

I entered my patient's house. She opened the door inviting me to come in. I knew instantly at this moment that she had a temperature. I also knew which acupuncture point I was going to use. Without any hesitation I used the point. After five seconds we both almost at the same time felt that the temperature had gone.

These incidents have significantly made me ponder if I could explore what is called the unknown."

"I have great respect for all those patients of mine who drop their masks in front of me, revealing not only their bodies but also their hearts and minds. This is an act and effort that people faced with a life-threatening illness will often make when talking to a doctor or a nurse.

I feel the need to show them not just my medical knowledge, but also my humanity. Of course, I am not a priest. More than anything else I studied to be a knowledgeable, efficient doctor whose primary purpose is to treat sickness and restore health. However, I need to cultivate compassion, understanding and philanthropy, so that I can try to heal in every way that is essential. This is my daily challenge."