"Be silent, and listen!": it is found in all the great traditions.

The symbolism is evident in, for example, the statue of the Lohan.

We try, in our study of music, to bring more attention to our listening.

‘We hear so little of what goes on around us. In a practical exercise I listened to notes being plucked on a guitar string and heard, for the first time, the upper partials – “inner octaves” – which sound within the original note. We experimented with chanting, and heard the overtones which can come into being when we intone a single note.’

‘I decide to listen consciously, with attention, noticing what goes on in me as I hear the music. This is in contrast to the way I am so much of the time – lost in association, interpretation, inner conversations, imagination, anxiety. The ear is still functioning, but I’m preoccupied. When I remember myself and try to be quiet inside, something opens in all my senses. Everything seems to become more vivid. Listening can be like an anchor, bringing me back again to some taste of real life – I, here, now – and to a question, a mystery; who is it, hearing?’