"Through education I have a hint of something of the beauty of photosynthesis, the conversion of light energy into chemical energy on which our life on earth depends. Observing in the twilight we then see the luminosity of white and pale lemon flowers, and as the evening primrose opens, the moth appears as an arrow inhabiting a different time frame, guided by the ultra violet light not visible to the watching human eye."
"In the making of a garden the search is for balance and harmony in colour and structure. The dimension of time is paramount. Light changes the intensity and value of colour throughout the day from dawn to dusk, and through the year the angle of the sun to the earth brings another dimension of colour experience. In certain lights juxtaposition hues are seen to vibrate, holding a mirror to the molecular world and opening a window to the solar system and the universe beyond."
"Three weeks after the birth of my daughter I went out of the house, on my own. It was a sunny afternoon and I walked slowly to the park. I sat by the lake and, as I became aware of the silence inside me, I looked around in amazement. I felt so alive. All my senses were awakened by the experience of being out in nature after such a long time. I looked at the trees and saw the different shades of green and brown. I drunk in the colours that surrounded me and watched the reflections in the water. The blue and the green and me, standing there in awe in front of that palette with the infinite shades that nature had created. I wasn't thinking of anything. My mind had stopped, except for those cells of grey matter which record sensations. I felt soothed inside and the release of a new wave of energy."