A small group of people from Octave visited the British Museum specifically to sit quietly in front of the Lohan and observe their response to it. When invited to speak of their feelings after the visit, those who did so had clearly received a remarkable uniformity of experience, in particular the sense of an emanation of power registered in the solar plexus, and the strong impression that the figure was actually alive, breathing, the expression fluctuating between a gentle severity and the approach of a smile. Others who independently declared their impressions afterwards all confirmed that this had also been their experience.

"We went to the British Museum to see the Lohan. We stood in front of him for a long time. I looked at the statue and tried to sense him; his posture, his facial expression, his torso, arms, and so on. I felt he is alive and grand. He showed me how I can be as a human being. Solid as an old tree, wind cannot blow him, rain cannot make him miserable, and clouds come and go. He is there - solid. No one can move him. I am small in front of him. His world is huge. His space is limitless. My world is tiny. I wish I could be like him. This is real art."